Best Time To Be A Woman in this World!

Best Time To Be A Woman in this World!

In the anticipation of US Presidential Elections, I really fail to support either parties. It’s like choosing between a circus ape and a serpent to run a country. Nevertheless, I am bending more towards the serpent as it would be a historical move. A woman might be elected the president of United States of America for the first time in history which brings my thoughts to the improvement in the opportunities for women.


Its amazing how the 21st century women have managed to achieve so much more than they have in the past. This is the time, the century when one could be proud to be a woman. More or less, the times are changing. Men along with women are no longer afraid to call themselves feminists, not afraid to voice the need for equality for women.


In the midst of all this however, some of us take this as a race. Like we have to catch up with men in all the fields of life to be considered an equal. So we go out, get an education, get a job and sneer at the so called womanly responsibilities at back home. The question arises, do we wish to surpass men in so-called their areas by lacking behind in the things our mothers and grandmothers did so perfectly. By all means, a woman should not be judged by her performance in the kitchen or the size, shape of her roti or tortilla.

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No, that is not what I mean. I think women should not compete to be equal because today’s woman is more than that, she is independent. By independent, I mean, she can take care of herself in more ways than just monetarily.


She could be single, married, divorced or widowed but she can take care of herself along with the people that matter to her. She can easily juggle work and home while wearing her 6” Steve Maddens as the juggler would juggle the balls. And most of the times, more than two at a time which happens to be the highest count in men!


She can pick up heavy bags in her hand as easily as responsibilities on her shoulders. She can make the dinner for her family with the same ease as the presentation for the meeting. She can fix the broken plumbing or the broken relationships with same ease and patience. She is as good at painting the ceiling as her face! She is as good at protecting her family as her country. She is as good at fixing that mother board as good as being a mother. She is as good in the kitchen as she is at work. She is an all-rounder. She is a survivor. She does not need a man to validate her identity in this world. Period.

She will achieve so much more than what men can ever do. She may be the weaker sex, biologically speaking however still she manages to achieve what she does because she has been compensated in mental strength what she lacks physically. This strength is what makes a woman phenomenal.

So don’t try to compete with a man. Be so much more, do so much more, achieve so much more because you are more than just a man. You are a WoMan. We didn’t get extra letters for nothing ladies!

Whoa Man so Proud to be born a Woman!